savage frontier

Making News and Security on the Argentine Border


Ieva Jusionyte is assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies at Harvard University. Since 2008 she has been conducting ethnographic research on security, crime and news media on the borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Based on this work, her first book, Savage Frontier: Making News and Security on the Argentine Border examines how journalists in an allegedly violent and dangerous South American region draw from their experiences of crime and state terror and their knowledge of local norms to contest global and national security discourses and practices. While doing fieldwork in Argentina, she has co-produced an investigative television program, "Proximidad: Periodismo de investigación," and made a documentary film, "Bomberos," about volunteer firefighters. With a background in news journalism, she is presently a contributor on Latin American topics for the Lithuanian National Radio. 

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Ieva Jusionyte
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology and
Committee on Degrees in Social Studies
Harvard University
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